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Competitive Hourly Rates
No VAT Charges

Bronze - Pay-as-you-go

£28per hour

£28 per hour

Silver - 10 Hrs


£27 per hour

Gold - 20 Hrs


£26 per hour


MPM also offers monthly package prices for private practice support based on practice size. A package price monthly means no surprises when it comes to invoicing.  Prices are based on size of practice starting at as little as 0-10 patients seen per week. MPM offers very competitive rates which suit Consultants just starting up as well as established practices enabling you to grow whatever size practice you own.

Please contact Annabel for further information. 

Transcription Prices

(these do not apply if you take on a practice management monthly package)

MPM offers ad-hoc transcription services to Consultants just wishing to outsource their transcription at the following prices:

Standard 24 hour service £1.50 per audio minute - Overnight / Urgent /Weekend Service £2.00 per audio minute

Whether you are looking for sickness or holiday cover or ongoing support, MPM offers the packages detailed above.  Our flexible and convenient billing plan is designed to suit your needs; all without the overheads.

Remember it’s not all about the hourly rate; have you factored in all the costs of an employee such as: sick pay, holiday cover, employee taxes, pensions, maternity pay, wasted time and equipment?

Not sure what you need? Or perhaps you have a one-off or monthly budget in mind? MPM strives to provide a very flexible service and we will always do our best to accommodate your needs so please get in touch to talk through your options.


It pays to outsource, get in touch!

When accuracy is key, experience counts

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