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Why Outsourcing Is The Answer

Digital transcription is a great time saving tool for any business.  You may have this as part of your medical PAs daily schedule. Save her time and outsource it! All our transcribers are uk based and highly experienced.  Turnaround times are fast.  You have reassurance that none of the files are being sent overseas or put through dictation software....nothing beats human typists! Cheap alternatives are just not worth the short change ... our Medical PAs read their work and double check for typos. 

From transcribing complex medicolegal reports, legal files, clinic letters, emails, letters and proposals Medical Practice Management Ltd is a leading provider in high quality Medicolegal and clinical transcription services.


  • Dictation:
    Medicolegal Reports, Medical: Clinic Letters, Psychologists reports, Correspondence


  • Meeting Minutes:
    Medical, Corporate & Other Healthcare Organisations


Medical Practice Management Ltd offers a fast and accurate typing service which you can use on a pay-as-you-go basis with no tie-ins or save money and choose a package which suits you. Please see pricing page for more information. 

Free up your time and simply upload your digital files securely via our file upload system which is encrypted, secure and user-friendly and we can do the rest, fast.  

The typing speed here at Medical Practice Management Ltd is currently 94 words per minute so we can fly through that dictation for you!

Why not try our secure, accurate, prompt and cost effective service and see what you think. 


Fast Turnaround

We are flexible and dependable and with typing speeds of 94 wpm this mean your audio files turn to text at an astonishing pace, with quality assured. 


Medical Practice Management Ltd is based in Devon, England registered and operating under UK law. All our secretaries are UK-based English speaking and have a minimum of 5 years’ experience in the medical and legal sectors.


With encryption as standard, you can be confident that your sensitive files will always remain secure. Confidentiality is guaranteed and discretion assured.

It pays to outsource, get in touch!


Interested in the Free transcription trial? 

Call Annabel on 020 8088 3036 or 07772 339 515 and see how transcription can significantly save you time.