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Responsive and flexible, our experience of the UK legal sector ensures a reliable and fast turnaround for your medicolegal transcription.

Accurate & Professional

Whether it’s transcribing lengthy medicolegal reports or transcription of medical and legal letters / proceedings, we believe in providing professional, accurate and high-quality transcripts every time.

Your transcripts will be professionally transcribed into the templates you provide us with unless you would like us to use our own. All our transcribers are UK based!





Affordable & Transparent Billing System

Time is logged in minutes not hours (and never rounded up) so you can be confident you’re always getting what you pay for.  If it is more appealing to you for the work to be carried out on a per recorded minute basis please see our pricing page for details. Or we can do the work, time it and work out which price method would save you money, it's your choice.  

The rate per minute may increase to take into account the extra time required to decipher the recording if it is not of good quality or there is excessive background noise however this is unusual and we will always let you know if this is the case prior to carrying out the work. 








Straightforward File Transfer

Getting your audio files to us is fast and easy. You don’t need to invest in software or learn how to navigate a new system. You record your dictation and simply and quickly upload the audio file to us securely. 


We use Egress Software Technologies services, who comply with information security standards, including the NHS Information Governance Mandate, the Data Protection Act and the EU GDPR.
They offer sophistic auditing and control functionality to protect information throughout the data sharing lifecycle. For further detailed information please see under the 'Confidentiality, Privacy & Security' tab under the 'About' tab. 

Please click here for further egress information Egress Software Technologies: protecting client sensitive data



At Medical Practice Management Ltd we are confident that we offer a 1st Class service - let us prove this to you.
Get in touch and send us an audio file and we will transcribe if for FREE!
(Offer applies to single voice dictation, up to 5 minutes in duration, limited to one transcription per practice)


When you need accurate transcription first time, every time, choose Medical Practice Management Ltd


There are lots of transcription services but do they really know your world? With our extensive medical and legal experience you can be sure you’re getting a transcriber who understands your requirements.

Turnaround Times

Outsource your audio files and receive them back safely and securely with fast turnaround times 


When confidentiality is paramount, you need to know your transcription is secure. With encryption as standard, that’s one thing you don’t have to worry about.

It pays to outsource, get in touch!

When professionalism matters, don’t settle for less. Call our highly experienced team to ensure your transcription is in safe hands 
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