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Accurate & Professional

Secure, accurate, prompt and cost effective, our medical VA service provides Consultants with all the support they need, at affordable prices, enabling their practice to grow.

We understand you are busy in theatres and clinics throughout the day so you can rest assured your practice manager or medical secretary is highly skilled and on a daily basis takes care of the following for you with no need for micromanaging:

Managing your clinic and personal diary

Organising patient appointments

Coordinating your theatre sessions


Invoicing, self pay and insured patients 

Call answering

Email management

General office management (managing the large volume of highly confidential documents safely and securely using egress our encrypted route in line with GDPR)

We are medical transcription specialists so whether it’s complex medico-legal reports or straight dictation of clinic letters, accuracy and confidentiality is assured.
(Please see 'Confidentiality, Privacy & Security' tab under 'About' for more detailed info)





Looking to grow your practice?

Cut Costs, Protect Quality

Traditional medical secretaries are being dispensed with as virtual medical secretaries and practice managers take their place. There’s never been a better time to switch to a medical VA providing a secure, flexible, accurate and fast service. Medical secretaries are highly skilled organisers able to tackle any task in the most efficient way possible, a good medical secretary adds huge value to your practice so it's important to get it right. Each and every secretary is picked by Annabel after a thorough process ensuring they have the same values as she does.

Straightforward File Transfer

Getting your audio files to us is fast and easy. You don’t need to invest in software or learn how to navigate a new system. You record your dictation and simply and quickly upload the audio file to us via our egress link. Alternatively you can upload to Dropbox or Googledrive. Whatever system works for you best. 


Protecting patients' sensitive data: We use Egress Software Technologies, who comply with information security standards, including the NHS Information Governance Mandate, the Data Protection Act and the EU GDPR.  They offer sophistic auditing and control functionality to protect information throughout the data sharing lifecycle.

Please click here for further egress information: Egress Software Technologies: protecting patient data




Affordable & Transparent Billing System 

Private Practice Management: Package price dependant on practice size based on the number of patients seen per week. Starting at as little as price for 0-5 patients per week. We support start-up practices as well as already established Consultants seeing 25+ patients per week. 

Using our expertise we enable Consultants to make the transition from NHS to private practice offering affordable packages which can start based on a 0-5 patient per week basis. Our low cost packages help each practices grow efficiently as they start low, growing with you. Please contact us now to find out more. 

Transcription: If not provided within a practice management support role then time is logged in minutes not hours (and never rounded up) so you can be confident you’re always getting what you pay for. (It is estimated across most transcription providers that a good quality dictation will take approximately 3-4 times its length to transcribe). The document is then proof read for accuracy. Please see our pricing page for more information on audio pricing options. 


At Medical Practice Management Ltd we are confident that we offer a 1st Class Service - let us prove this to you.
Get in touch and send us an audio file and we will transcribe if for FREE!
(Offer applies to single voice dictation, up to 5 minutes in duration, limited to one transcription per practice)



Grow your practice

 Invest in a highly skilled virtual medical secretary/practice manager adding huge value to your practice


With encryption as standard, you can be confident that your confidential files will always remain secure. Confidentiality is guaranteed and discretion assured.

Fast Turnaround

If you’re looking to improve clinical care and achieve your targets, don’t underestimate the impact of a faster turnaround on your letters.

Staffing Efficiencies

Traditional sick or holiday cover leaves you exposed to large bills and underperforming temps.
Why take a chance when reliable, flexible, accurate help is at hand?

Looking to Expand Your Practice?

Medical Practice Management Ltd, affordable all round practice support

When patients are key, experience counts. Call me to ensure your Practice is in safe hands 
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